Sophie's Dream

by Sophie's Dream

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“He knew that instead of waking her he should lull her back to sleep, so he tried to come up with an answer that would plant the image of a new dream in her mind.
‘I’m looking at the stars,’ he said.
‘Don’t say you’re looking at the stars. That’s a lie. You’re looking down.’
‘That’s because we’re in an airplane. The stars are below us.’
‘Oh, in an airplane,’ said Tereza, squeezing his hand even tighter and falling asleep again. And Tomas knew that Tereza was looking out of the round window of an airplane flying high above the stars.”

--from The Unbearable Lightness of Being
Milan Kundera


released May 24, 2013

sophie's dream is or has been nathan, nick, eva, and char.

nathan: vox, guitars, basses, cajon, toy drums, hand claps, train whistle, some synths, ukuleles, songwritering
nick: vox, upright piano, synthetic fuzz calliope, hand claps, tambourine, synthetic bass drum, recording + production
eva: vox, shaker
char: violins



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Sophie's Dream Cincinnati, Ohio

who's sophie, anyway?

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Track Name: Sophie's Dream 1
time leans forward on a steep slope
i hold you here, i have no hope
i could raise you up
i could drag you down
four years cleaning up after this town
and what do you get?
strangers in the mirror and a cigarette
it's a hard line
but it's not mine, it's a razor blade
hiding in your pocket with the flowers i made
when i breathed your air
and pushed your eyelids closed with the utmost care
and you saw cages forming everywhere

frost on the windows when you're awake
creeps alongside each step you take
down the hallway
it's a hard fought struggle for the light of day
i'm the lucky one
i can see the sun
they say it only comes round once a year
i dry your face and i wipe your tears
but is that enough?
i pray twice a day for the dream to let up
but we're stuck inside
just you and me and nothing left to hide
i'm a train wreck, you only see invisible things
the devil with a battle scar and two broken wings
he is stylish
he could heal our wounds with an extra wish
he is valiant
he has love to spare
you saw cages forming everywhere
Track Name: The Vines
in a far search for comfort you stepped cross the line
now you need all your warmth round you most of the time
so you pull it from starlight or from the divine
and weave it together in towering vines

you peek out from the window and glimpse the black sky
on a spiraling planet where ghosts come to die
and you step down the stairs and you find that you fly
and with roots on your tongue you are wanting to cry

and we
keep to ourselves
our bodies are vessels, they sit on the shelf
we bleed every drop with the seeds we have sewn
but look at how high the vines have now grown

and water flows into the ocean back home
your true friend lies back on his bed all alone
he lived in an old house that he did not own
the walls were all crumbling, vines grew on the stones

the ground is all red and your soul falls away
your body lies useless, a price that you pay
your nightmares come chasing you down in the day
but the vines will all hold them in shining display

and we
keep to ourselves
our bodies are vessels, they sit on the shelf
we bleed every drop with the seeds we have sewn
but look at how high the vines have now grown
Track Name: The Firework Maker's Daughter pt. 1
when the dam gave way in north l.a.
there were people crying on the silver screen
semi-nightly, parents fighting
then it's christmas eve, and i'm thirteen
in the alley frightened animals
huddle round and spill their souls
in swirling mixtures, hidden pictures
poisonous, mechanical

you opt for the life of a slave
draw pictures on the walls of the caves
lay down your arms, i don't mean you any harm
the sun rises and sets again on the grave

cancerous this malady eats its way through you and me
getting thinner, every winter, physical comedy
craven monsters in the shadows preying on our piety
when you hear shouting after midnight, you'll come to strike a deal with me

you'll opt for the life of a slave
draw pictures on the walls of the cave
fall from my arms, i don't mean you any harm
the sun rises and sets again on the grave
Track Name: The Firework Maker's Daughter pt. 2
headlights coming through the mist
big green field, emptiness
thick brown patch of upturned soil
underneath, electric coil
all i want
is to be a ghost and have this place to haunt
ghosts don't feel
ghosts can wait forever for their wounds to heal

fire crackles in the woods
gypsy pilgrims up to no good
locking patterns carved in bark
everyone trying to make their mark
all that's clear
six more weeks until i disappear
and when i'm gone
i'll watch the leaves spiral in the dusky dawn

feet soaked in the morning dew
look at my arm, see through
this is not quite what i planned
it's not something i understand
all i know
is the universe will open when i go
tilt your head just right
and you can see me flicker in the evening light
Track Name: In the Way of the Train Light
hey smile, in the halo light
bet your hopes it'll work out right
i dreamt i was hanging from a high bridge
i saw you underneath on a pilgrimage
you looked beaten down, i felt tired and old
ten men died for fool's gold
dim signals flashing through barbed wire
nothing to do but step right into the fire

and pray
maybe i'll see you again someday

i remember riding in the back of the car
they had you chained down, cause you'd gone too far
black clouds in your line of view
memories pushing pulling right through you
your eyes were talkin bout boarding a train
the dashboard said there was nothing left to gain
if i could move time around in my hands
i would set you adrift in a search for some strange land

and pray
maybe i'll see you again someday
Track Name: Prometheus and Io
down on the metro line
line color maps are hard to follow
lost amongst the passengers
stand prometheus and io
fanning flames with credit cards
they won't get home until tomorrow
she will write a note for him
and he will fill it up with sorrow

nine vultures on the rail were sitting
patience is their field of study
he is drawing maps for her
while they are scoping out her body
she is keeping watch for him
but as he works she sees them nodding
his vision must be failing him
but she can see what they are plotting

mercury with brittle bones
is headed west for some big meeting
as he passes through the stop
he can't believe what he is seeing
io in a ragged dress
prometheus is barely breathing
just to be a gentleman
he goes and offers them a greeting

by the time he's said farewell
he's on the blower to the cops
it don't seem right but then again
this is the justice of the gods
prometheus and io hopping
subway trains like escape pods
weary and beleaguered convicts
no sir, i don't like their odds

no sir, i don't like their odds
Track Name: Film Noir
we put everything
paper graveyard
lost and found
prophetic visions
blue light
as holiday
meets holy night
we don't need applause
your fingers on my shoulder doing espionage

and i'm too far gone to even ask
when everybody started wearing a mask
all take comfort in what they own
on a floating dock far off from home
scratched up records, film noir
i wanna end up where you are

can't understand
my hand meets up
with your hand
sacred kingdom
golden walls
children running
through the halls
it's new to them
they see us now as we saw us then

and the past hasn't died inside your head
fingers spidered on the shattered bed
i wouldn't give this up for anything
but i can't say what the sun will bring
photo collages, film noir
i wanna end up where you are
Track Name: Hollowy Eyes
you with the shiver and the hollowy eyes
make me an offer, make me a surprise
i saw your girlfriend, she was hanging around
i saw your boyfriend on the streets downtown

you smile cold, but your eyes are kind
make me believe in your beautiful mind
i saw you in the room when they were all gone
it's hard oh it's hard but i know you're the one

so what's the catch?

you with the walking by, sort of alone
i'll tag along, if you're on your way home
the things that we dreamed of could still come to be
if i can give up all that's left of me

so what's the catch?

your love is like a moth to a flame
and the light might be worth it in spite of the pain
your love is like a house falling down
but i'll stay inside so long as you are around
your love is like a lingering dream
i hold onto it, though i don't know what it means
your love is like a hesitant ghost
and i don't know if my love could ever come close
Track Name: Sophie's Dream 2
two o'clock in the morning central standard time
i came over to sing you a nursery rhyme
this sorrow's heft is all that's left of the girl you were
there's no letters on the burning page anymore

and i will sing you to sleep
yes, i will sing you to sleep

the open vault of heaven reaches down for you
the sweeping curve of the earth swings around for you
and the empty dome calling welcome home for an epitaph
and a bitter pill, it is sweeter still when it made you laugh

and i will sing you to sleep
yes, i will sing you to sleep
pretend to defend you again
i will sing you to sleep