Old Photographs

by Sophie's Dream

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"We believe in whatchamacallit."
--Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, with hand gesture signifying reincarnation

"...agnovitque per umbras
obscuram, qualem primo qui surgere mense
aut videt aut vidisse putat per nubila lunam"
--Vergil, Aen. 6.452-4


released December 11, 2016

sophie's dream is or has been nathan, julian, and andy.

nathan: vox, guitars, piano, songwritering
julian: drums, engineering, production
andy: synthesizers, bass

written in central park and schapiro hall
recorded at steinhardt studio a at nyu and julian's apartment in brooklyn with a minimum of fuss

photos taken by nathan with various filters on a camera phone
cover photo: sophie, but not the sophie you're thinking of



all rights reserved


Sophie's Dream Cincinnati, Ohio

who's sophie, anyway?

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Track Name: Old Photographs
like enoch before god i came to you to plead my case
and to beg from you forgiveness for the sorry human race
but you just laughed and told me not to get too sentimental
cause if we both ended up right here, well that's only coincidental

on the floor missed connections ads with my name and this address
two skinny bodies in a motel bed, we must have looked quite a mess
as we looked out upon the secret places and the shining thrones of the earth
and you damned it all, cause even if we were sorry, well, what the hell was that worth?

you didn't wanna go home again
you didn't wanna go home
you didn't wanna go home again
you didn't wanna go home

the road outside wends past us like some faint and distant star
might not even be there anymore, we can't tell from where we are
you say you still get nightmares where one of us is dead
i ask which one, but neath the rising sun, you close your eyes and shake your head

on the floor, old photographs of two young and dying men
one of them looks a bit like me, the other we won't see again
as you flicked on the bathroom light and burned your silhouette into my eyes
yeah, you damned it all cause all is not forgiven but still everybody dies

you didn't wanna go home again
you didn't wanna go home
you didn't wanna go home again
you didn't wanna go home

and you said

i'll move on, it's easy to see
and when i'm gone, i'll be what i was meant to be
i'll move on, and when i'm finally free
when all is lost, i'll be what i was meant to be
Track Name: Backseat Rider
moon hangs low
furtive like it's got an agenda
i lean on the window
i know you don't care, but you pretend to
the dashboard glows
as if someone were trying to send a
sign, make us think
remind us we're about to sink
ground beneath us still unstable,
would we even run if we were able?

now things are better, but i care less
you want the truth, but i won't confess
we've got a backseat rider only we can see
and if he's real to you, then he'll be real for me

the silent hours
crowd around us like good intentions
the april showers
bring us thoughts too ugly to mention
and we were cowards
we could not make ourselves pay attention
but now, it's much too late
out of every available fate
bound together, time after time
whether by choice or by greater design

we're scared of the living, so we travel by night
we've got places to be, so we'll drive till first light
you suspect i don't love you, and maybe you're right
we will listen to music just so we don't fight
don't know much about history
don't know much biology
our backseat rider watches silently
all i want's for you to stay with me
all i want's for you to stay with me
Track Name: Scarlet Town
one, two, three, four

they sat beneath the gallows on the southern edge of town where the riddle country jail was till they tore the building down. by administrative oversight, the gallows, left to stand, grow tall like trees as he says i wanna be a better man.

will i be born again? will it get better then?

she, fingering her wedding ring, stranded where she is, unsure how to answer but that her worries answer his, wants to reassure him but finds that she's struck dumb, hearing a voice growing and singing in her womb:

will i be born again? will it get better then?