Unhappiness 2015

by Sophie's Dream

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released December 31, 2015

sophie's dream is or has been nathan, julian, and andrew.

nathan: vox, guitar, backwards drum machine, songwritering
julian: harmonium, drums, guitar, bass, production + engineering
andrew: vox

graffiti and photos by julian, nathan, a.v.
recorded at ultrasuede studios, julian's house, nathan's shitty apartment in d.c.
track 1 produced by julian, nathan, andrew
track 2 produced by nathan
track 3 produced by julian and nathan
tracks 1+3 engineered by julian
track 2 engineered by nathan
thanks to john curley for the use of his studio



all rights reserved


Sophie's Dream Cincinnati, Ohio

who's sophie, anyway?

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Track Name: Unhappiness 2015
you said you couldn't feel much anymore
the voice on the loudspeaker said stand clear of the closing door
well, new york city. 2015.
my hair is dirty, the streets are clean

and it reminded me of the coldest winter
and your little sister back when no one believed her
she was better off, because faith corrupts
you stepped out of the train and stepped on a cigarette butt

and oh, me
oh me
unhappiness caught up with me

i was living on nothing, living for free
i would get up in the morning and nothing greeted me
washington d.c., 2015
my hair is dirty, i'm better left unseen

and it reminded me of the hottest summer
and your missing mother, how you feared you'd become her
and i thought about how far you'd come
and how much you'd done just to prove you weren't gone

and oh me
oh me
unhappiness caught up with me

ghosts of our childhood, ghosts of the midwest
i swore next time i saw you i'd get something off my chest
men, women, and children, dead heroes single file
my hair is dirty, i wish i could smile

and it reminded me of that fatal spring
and the fall that took it all as though it didn't mean a thing
unhappiness, 2015
it was where we lived, it was the air we breathed

and oh, me
oh me
i think it's catching up with me

oh me
oh me
i hope that you catch up with me
Track Name: Radio Eleutheria
i walked away
from everything i loved or ever knew
i walked away from you

i heard her scream
for days and days it seemed and then she stopped
we all stopped to watch

press the headphone to my ear
one of these days i'm gonna disappear
radio eleutheria

part the seas
and lift me to more shining heights than these
lift me through the air

the earthly noise
threats to drown the choir of your joys
but i don't care

i heard her scream
she sounded like someone i used to know
that's why you made the radio

strain to catch your fading voice
one of these days i'm gonna make a choice
search through static, find the band
take my own life in my hands
in my bedroom late at night
i hear the sounds of moving light

radio eleutheria