There Was a Lot of Stuff: Sophie's Dream Live at EarthJam 2014

by Sophie's Dream

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recorded live april 25, 2014 at walnut hills high school by ken and molly katkin using a flipcam. video available on the sophie's dream facebook page.

due to time constraints, only half of the planned set was performed, as was customary for sophie's dream at the time.

earthjam is an annual festival of student bands from walnut hills high school planned in coordination with the chalk drawing competition in celebration of earth day. it is known for performances that have been described by performers as "slovenly," "anarchic," and "laughable." sophie's dream, in a rare live performance, sought to uphold this venerable tradition.

cover art is nathan's original poster design for the earthjam event. click to expand for full viewing glory.


released August 14, 2014

sophie's dream is or has been nathan, julian, nick, aj, and special guest star jillian.

nathan: vox, guitar
julian: guitar, bass
nick: keyboard, vox
aj: drums
jillian: vox on 'you'



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Sophie's Dream Cincinnati, Ohio

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Track Name: My Doctor the Kid
my doctor the kid
he can't believe the things that he did
my doctor the kid
if he's only a mind, is he dead or alive?

everyone will tell you it's not okay
everyone will tell you to go away

my stethoscope youth
was all spent in tears and that is the truth
but my time was not given lightly
for while you walked the earth, i stood with you nightly

look what i have done for you
look what i've become for you

our halcyon days
were spent in a hospital narcotic daze
iv drip drips on down
to your hospital bed, but there's no one around

everyone will tell you it's not okay
everyone will tell you to go away

look what i have done for you
look what i've become for you
Track Name: Evanston 9:50
ooh it's been a long time and i think i'm coming around
all the saints outside are in their hospital gowns
and i know
i can't go
my legs are sick and crippled and i'm much too weak to march
but i remembering meeting you underneath the big brick arch
and i know
i can't go
the nurse she smiles sweetly as she wraps the bleeding wound
the doctor stands behind her and he's ghastly as the tomb
and i see
what's left for me

so i'm sitting in the window and i'm perched there like a bird
and blessed pilgrims underneath all walk the blighted earth
and it's clear
why i'm here
cause when they push you on your back
you brace yourself for the attack
you wait
it never comes
and when they tell you three weeks more
you ask what am i living for
you wait
it never comes

that night a raven visits and he bears you in his claws
and i can hear you shouting even over what you've caused
the lights go on
and you're gone
i don't think i can forgive you as they chain me to the bed
i don't think i could save you if it were you instead
the lights go on
and you're gone
prophetic visions strewn across the shifting desert sands
i shot an arrow in the air, i know not where it lands
or who it hits
and i admit

i dreamt you came to comfort me and i turned you away
but you can have the same dream ten thousand different ways
always new
but always you
cause all i am is laid to waste and all my crooked dreams in haste
can wait
it never comes
i can't get up to try to run so i wait for the rising sun
i wait
it never comes
Track Name: jillian gets called on up
"Hey Jillian! We're doing 'You,' you wanna come sing it?"
Track Name: You
i'm getting the feeling that some habits aren't so easy to break
hold out hope that this is a dream and in the near future i will wake

your world is bright, mine is getting foggier still
and i was surprised to see you perched on my windowsill

so when will you come again?

i'm seeing the city the way that you used to do
i'm seeing the city the way you woulda wanted me to

some places are harder though than others to stay
you reach down to the old stone and brush the leaves away

so when will you come again?
Track Name: Angel Shown At Midnight
i hear it's funny the way things worked out
those who keep the faith will be saved from doubt
i hear it's sometimes rough but everybody's doing well
but if it were any other way then no one'd ever tell

we never found a place we could be alone
just an auditorium made from bones
with a growing crowd and a savage roar
we would dance in tiny circles in the middle of the floor

and you could look at me and see the days pass by
the sun is shining west across my eyes
but if we fell (the war was fought but)
from the greatest heights (nothing made right)
would you know me then (we got out but)
in the middle of a midnight? (it all happened at midnight)

i can't trust what i can't see
but i know that i must cause you're waiting for me
without sparing your feelings i could spare you the time
i'll never know what you'd have done and i am sorry but i'm

a story that was told the wrong way
i've seen the other life i never lived until today
i don't know whether it might have been better
all i know is that in this life i've got nothing left to say

i waited longer than i care to admit
i couldn't see the system from outside of it
everybody's gotta lose for somebody to win
if you're gonna cut me someday, might as well go ahead

i don't bleed human blood, i just bleed my thoughts
you hate what you are, but you know what you're not
oh it might not hurt (i'm so sick of)
to stand in your sight (waiting for light)
but i want you to know (give up your ghost)
i'll be leaving before midnight (and settle into midnight)

let's all get ready for the grand negation
cause there's fearful patterns to human creation
my family were not candlemakers but burners
i was native to the trade and i'm a fast learner

i never caught a glimpse of the promised land
i never sought salvation from another's hand
i'll leave the door open for you some nights
but i'm never gonna wait on you to tell me what's right

i want you gone cause i can't stand to be seen
and i can feel your eyes even when i know what you mean
please forget me (this first snowfall)
and hold your faith tight (paints the sky white)
and if ever you regret me (the whole city shining)
think of an angel shown at midnight (like an angel shown at midnight)